Pengli is the Mandarin Ducks’ Emperor.  He is a philosopher and a family man, he is emotional (shifts from calm to irritation and back in no time) and a master of kung fu. He is an ardent custodian of tradition and family history. Pengli is the only one who knows that the Legend of the Sun Duck described in the Great Book of their flock is true. Moreover, the next Sun Duck is his beloved son Longway and he is in mortal peril, as the last Sun Duck was captured by the Witch. Pengli pretends to be the Sun Duck to save his son, but since he has no magical powers, no one believes the Sun Duck ever did any good to the flock.

Character development: Pengli is a wise duck, but overprotective towards his family and flock. As the story unfolds he learns to trust in his son and starts to believe that united they can defeat the evil.

Objective: To protect the flock, and to preserve centuries of tradition, one of which is to keep the family line pure and not let Longway marry a common mallard.


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