Ms. Knout is overbearing, clever, reckless, deceitful and cruel. Movements resemble those of a cat. All her clothes are made of natural materials (leather, wool and fur). She never parts with her favoriteaccessory, her leather whip, which becomes an extension of her arm. In terms of viewers’ perception, children see her as a baddie, but grownups (mainly fathers) sense something in her thanks to her innate sexiness and sinister charm.

She does have a dark secret – she is an old and ugly witch in disguise and she desperately needs the magical powers of the Sun Duck to maintain her dazzling looks and youthfulness, and she won’t stop at anything.

Character development: The character does not change substantially. The function of this character is to instill fear and be the embodiment of evil for all the birds.

Objective: to find the next Sun Duck and make it serve her.

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