Longway is the son of the leader of the flock, a young drake. He is the next generation Sun Duck who possesses superpowers and can control the Sun’s energy. But he knows nothing of his superpowers.  His father, the Emperor of the Mandarin Ducks, strives to protect his son from the dangers of the world by keeping him ignorant of his birthright and his destiny.  However fate cannot be so easily averted and the day comes when Longway must save the entire flock and defeat the powers of evil.

When we first meet Longway he is an average bratty teenager, interested in nothing but video games and ill-tempered.  Whenever things don’t go according to plan, he threatens to leave his father’s home. He is bored on his home island where flying is prohibited and no-one can leave. A curious young duck, anxious to know the world outside his tiny island, Longway is understandably wonderstruck when he meets Erica, a girl his age whom has already travelled the world.

Character development: From a careless and clumsy teenager Longway arcs into being the true hero that has always been his destiny,  and in so doing, he takes responsibility for his flock.

Objective:  Initial objective – to learn to fly and see the world,  final objective –  to earn the right to be the true Sun Duck.


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