Duckmus – is a warrior, a commander, a natural leader. He is never mistaken, and even when he is, see item 1 above. He is practically incapable of admitting mistakes.  His immediate subordinates’ only real purpose is to confirm that he is right, in all things. He is physically strong and well groomed. He is always ready for a fight or an argument.  Although he deeply loves his daughter, he tries not to let it show as he believes this to be a sign of weakness.  As do many “proper dads”, he sincerely believes that all those who seek her hand in marriage are bumbling idiots not worthy of  her attention.

Character development: The circumstances and events of the story evoke a new emotion in Duckmus, one of self‐doubt. By the end of the story, he starts asking himself whether he really was always right. His main achievement by the end of the story is that he admits being wrong.

Objective: To protect his squad and guard his daughter against “jerks”.






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